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We Won the Archidex 2018 New Product Award !

We have been so busy since Archidex but I have to personally share this news with you.

Me (Angelyn) with all our Distributors in Malaysia sharing the moment
Me (Angelyn) with Nilam Makmur Distributors in Malaysia sharing the moment

It's A New Start

2018 marks an important year for Nilam Makmur. We launched NM Melamine Plywood, a product we have spent nearly 2 years to develop. I often feel extremely lucky to have found a group of friends who truly believe in this product. And to have them become our distributors in Malaysia has been truly a liberating experience.

NM Melamine Plywood is designed to help you Save Cost, Save Time and Save Labour.

Why we developed NM Melamine Plywood?

Sometimes the challenge is how to effectively get you guys to see the possibilities of this new product. As a part of the furniture & design industry, I surely feel the difficulties you are facing as an interior designer & a furniture maker:

  1. Labour is getting expensive and hard to find

  2. Materials are costing more & more

  3. The time required to complete fabrication is the limiting factor on how many projects you can take on

NM Melamine Plywood can help with the situation. To learn more about NM Melamine Plywood, watch this video :

Click here for more info on NM Melamine Plywood &

Click here to see the 100 colour options for NM Melamine Plywood.

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