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Birch furniture
parametric reception made with birch plywood

E1 Birch Faced Plywood

Birch Ply by Nilam

If you have been searching for premium quality plywoods for your design, this is the answer to your calling. Our Birch Faced Plywood is beautiful inside out, made with the best hardwood material there is to create a superior natural veneer look with great strength.


This is a robust material that can be utilised in humid conditions, it resists swollen shaping and fungal attacks. It can be used in kitchen, bathroom, as flooring, walls and ceiling. It has superior strength, suitable for load bearing applications. It is designed to last for decades.


Every layer is distinctively defined with extremely minimal hollows, allowing it to hold its integrity for all types of CNC and laser cutting and moulding.

Size: 1220 x 2440mm 

Thickness: 4mm, 18mm

No minimum order. 

Sustainable, Non-Toxic, Superior
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